We typically start each assignment by meeting with the client to evaluate their current circumstances and concisely documenting your short and long term requirements. Additionally, we carry out an appraisal of your current asset/s, identifying opportunities to upgrade, discuss renovation ideas, acquiring another property as owner-occupier or investor, maintenance work evaluation, rental and property management feasibility options. We then work to develop a unique client property wealth creation strategy to suit your specific financial and lifestyle goals.

Strategic planning charts a course in the direction for our clients / investors to achieve their goals. Strategic planning review and the establishment of new or alternative directions are critical to success. The benefits of strategic planning include: clear direction established; skills and resources identified; action plans developed; emerging opportunities identified; establish key performance indicator targets; and what contingency plans have we in place to mitigate risk.

Our clients benefit from us developing a clear vision and delivering a practical action plan to navigate through a complex and competitive property market place with confidence to achieve your goals. We also offer to provide comprehensive property support services to project manage the various transaction and asset enhancement work you may wish to implement. Careful planning and decision making is the hallmark of a shrewd investor.


Greenway is a leading property buyers agent who finds and negotiates property solely in your best interest. Using our extensive market knowledge and unique experience we provide a comprehensive service which includes: developing a search and accommodation brief, carry out property market research and analysis, sourcing and shortlist suitable options, property site inspection with clients, due diligent investigation identifying potential problems before they become expensive mistakes, review renovation ideas, negotiate deal and attend auction on your behalf.

Most of our clients simply don't have the time or expertise to spend looking in depth at every property available. Many feel they don't have the market knowledge or the negotiating skills to deal with the experienced sales agent. Purchasing a property is a major financial commitment and is therefore very important to seek professional assistance. It is a well-known fact that you make your profit in property investing when you buy well. The ability to pick the right opportunity, under the right contractual terms in a competitive marketplace is a product of real estate experience, extensive market knowledge, comprehensive market research, strong negotiation skills and timing to seize opportunities.

Our clients benefit from using our experienced multi-disciplined property professionals who have market intelligence, are able to identify opportunities quickly on / off market and negotiation skills to obtain a very competitive deal saving the client money, time and stress in a tight market and putting yourself on a level playing field against other experienced professional agents. Additionally our team can identify renovation or development ideas to improve the asset value, functionality and address any maintenance issues, which need attention. We also offer clients to design, document and project manage any required works.


Greenway works collaboratively and strategically with clients to design, document and construction manage a wide variety and scale of new building, renovation, fit-out and maintenance projects to achieve optimum project outcomes. It involves developing a clear, integrated structure of deliverables and systems that track the project to ensure the end product is delivered to a high standard. By employing intensive asset management techniques we can also reposition assets for subsequent improved lifestyle design features to enjoy or maximise capital gain or rental income return.

Our comprehensive total solution property development project management services include: site investigation, feasibility studies, funding and structure analysis, design consultant team management, authority approval management, construction tendering, supervision and administration. We also approach building design and construction with sustainable development leadership principals in mind to improve our living and working environment, which makes people happier and more productive. Environmentally sustainable buildings reduce energy and water consumption and thereby reducing operating costs.

Our clients benefit from Greenway's professional design and construction knowledge, fastidious attention to detail, our highly refined architectural and interior design solutions that define our distinctive approach and enhance property value through innovation. Investors and Clients benefit from Greenway's superior thorough ability to strategically deliver through market risk analysis processes, correct identification of project point of difference, time value analysis and controlling delivery to provide more certain and possibly higher returns.


One of Greenway's main strengths is its marketing and sales experience. At the head of our team is managing director, Jim Flook, who has over 28 years local and international real estate sales and leasing experience on a wide variety of high profile residential and commercial projects.

Maximum return on investment is most clients' number one objective as well as minimising risks inherent in any property transaction. We focus heavily on identifying the upside potential of your asset and clearly communicate this to the market. Quality advice around timing the best market conditions, depth of buyer demand and optimal market campaign are critical to achieving the best result. Our sales professionals work as a team, to attract the widest pool of potential buyers and we offer clients differentiated marketing campaigns that position your asset ahead of the competition.

Our sales team specialise in thorough research and market analysis before pinpointing an opinion of likely sale price, then developing an effective marketing campaign to deliver optimum results. High quality, well directed marketing material is essential to ensure maximum market penetration and awareness, which translates to higher buyer interest and maximisation of sale price.

Our clients benefit from having astute skilled negotiating professionals who promote your property in the best possible way maximising asset value, offering a six star service aiming to exceed clients' expectations.


Greenway offers unbeatable leasing and property management services by taking over the day to day management of your residential or commercial investment property. Our leasing team work with our clients to understand their investment needs and objectives in order to ensure a profitable and long term leasing outcome. We help create developments and pre-lease them. We help re-condition older assets and re-mix their tenancy to re-position the building and increase its value. We organise a lease, marketing campaign and recommending tenants to existing vacancies of all sizes.

We assist property owners by creating and implementing long term tenant retention strategies with the right lease terms and best tenant mix to ensure a fully occupied building quicker and longer. Tenant selection is an important ingredient to successful property investment and we have a comprehensive detailed application and selection process to ensure we attract good tenants. We have leading property management software to manage the financial side of collecting rent, paying bills and adhering to legislative requirements.

Additionally our design consultants can offer advice to improve building functionality to increase income return and higher capital value. We have an extensive database of skilled tradesmen ready to do repairs or maintenance work at very competitive rates. With your permission we will arrange and supervise all work undertaken on your property using our experienced property managers. We regularly carry out building inspections for you and provide you with building condition reports to ensure building is looked after. Our aim is to provide high quality leasing and property management services to ensure your asset is well maintained and generates high income.