As real estate professionals and property developers Greenway Property Group is committed to providing leadership to our clients and business partners to encompass all three dimensions of sustainability, environmental stewardship social responsibility and business excellence.

These three dimensions give our sustainability initiatives a "triple bottom line" benefit to the planet, to people and to the profitability that makes our existence possible. Embracing this definition commits us to making progress on all three fronts at the same time - not at the expense of others.


Employing green building quality design and management practices to reduce consumption, improving indoor environment quality, minimizing energy / water use, fuel efficient transport, reuse building materials, land use ecology, minimizing carbon emissions and identify new innovative ways.


Engaging & promoting innovation with community and exemplify corporate responsibility for safer, more secure and comfortable living and working environment to improve productivity.


Promoting GREEN BUILDING business excellence and maintaining highest ethical standards to cost saving.

We believe that environmentally - friendly facilities / property will become increasingly sought after by customers. Research already shows that GREEN BUILDINGS generate significant economic benefits. According to McGraw Hill (U.S. study) 2006 Smart Market report, green buildings are expected to realize an average increase of 7.5% in building value, higher rents, deliver 3.5% higher occupancy rates and improved return on investment by an average of 6.6%. Occupants of green buildings report higher productivity and lower absenteeism.

By increasingly integrating environmentally friendly GREEN features in our developments and retrofitting existing facilities, Greenway Property Group is creating or managing a class of environmentally superior facilities. These premium facilities will contribute to Greenway's or its client's economic value for the long term.

Jim Flook, Greenway Property Group founder and managing director is a Green Star Accredited Professional, obtained from the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), which demonstrates our senior managements leadership commitment.