Greenway Property Group Pty Ltd takes it origins from consulting firm Facilities Project Management Pty Ltd (FPM) which was established in 1992 as a multi disciplined practice offering real estate advisor, architecture, interior design, project construction management, facilities management and development management of prestige residential and commercial projects.

Greenway Property Group adopted its name from Francis Greenway, Australia's first Government Architect responsible for a large number of impressive public buildings and grand residences throughout early Sydney.

Importantly, the Greenway name is also reflective of the business's sustainability GREEN aim for business innovation excellence, quality built environment stewardship and corporate social responsibility to the built environment. This results in a safer more comfortable living and working environment to improve productivity and reduce waste.

Our multi-disciplined property skills and extensive experience enable us to seek better WAYS to optimise finding, designing, building, selling, renting, managing and maintaining your property to achieve maximum results.

The upward directional ARROW in our logo encapsulates the over arching integrated value add property solution we offer at every stage of the property chain. Our strategic project management methodology plays a crucial role in ensuring that projects fully realise the benefits from our client return on investment.